The New 04.25.12

Andy the Doorbum The Farm [mp3] (from The Man Killed the Bird, and With the Bird, the Song, and With the Song, Himself, out now)
Multifaceted artist Andy the Doorbum is an enigmatic singer/songwriter – like a cross between Will Sheff and Sesame Street.

Bright Moments – Travelers [mp3] (from Natives, out now)
Energetic carnival pop from New Yorker Kelly Pratt – multi-instrumentalist for Beirut, Arcade Fire, and LCD Soundsystem.  Natives is his debut solo album.

Spectral Park – Pale Glistens [mp3] (single)
More great burned-out psychedelia from from Luke Donovan (previously featured as a FFF and on Something for Later Volume 5).

Gangstagrass – Western (featuring Kool Keith) [mp3] (from Rappalachia, out June 5th)

Caveman – Old Friend [mp3] (from Coco Beware, out now)


Milk Maid – Do Right [mp3] (from Mostly No, out July 9th)

Some Ember – Face of Sand [mp3] (from Hotel of Lost Light)


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