The New 4.17.12

Frank Rabeyrolles – Listening to Tago Mago [mp3] (Wool Recordings)
French blurred visionary pays tribute to Can’s classic album Tago Mago.

Zulu Winter – Silver Tongue [mp3] (from debut album Language, out June 19th on Arts & Crafts Records)
Sentimental and syncopated indie rock from Oxfordshire, UK.

Winter Sleep – Resuscitate [mp3] (from Hello Hum, out June 12th)
Magically real alternative rock – full of longing, ecstasy, and inevitability.

Silverhawk – Woman In A Cloak [mp3] (from The Forest For the Trees, out now)
Psychedelic soul of Portlandia.


Black Lips – Dance With You [mp3] (B-side for Sick of You single, off Arabia Mountain, out now)

Deep Time – Clouds [mp3] (from Deep Time, out July 10th on Hardly Art Records)
Austin duo (formerly known as Yellow Fever) make smooth, picturesque indie rock with bristling surf guitar sounds; singer Jennifer Moore’s deadpan delivery is reminiscent of Nico.

Sleep Party People – Chin [mp3] (from We Were Drifting on a Sad Song, out now)
Applying equal parts haze, drone, and melody, these Danish slowcore kids derive eerie, hypnotic soundscapes.

Sanctuaries – Soft Crime [mp3] (from Annette, out now on Mecca Lecca)

Wrinkle Neck Mules – Leaving Chattanooga [mp3] (from Apprentice to Ghosts, out now)


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