Friday’s Free Feature: Silver Jews on WFMU 9/8/2008

Today’s Friday Free Feature is inspired by a “brain itch” or a song I can’t get out of my head. Some good friends of mine call it “being song f@*ked.” Whatever you want to call it, Silver Jews‘ “Random Rules” is rattling in the old noggin’ and I have my dear friend and Dadada collaborator, Craig (aka C.L. Cucumber) to thank. He suggested we perform it at a recent open mic.

Anyone who has attempted to learn a song knows you need to bathe in it, soak it up, and let it excrete from your pores like sweat. So we did that, well kinda did that. We practiced 3-4 times together to learn a few songs, and among those tunes was  “Random Rules” from the excellent, American Water (1998).  It stuck with me, and now I am going to make it stick with you.

WFMU had the Silver Jews in studio just a few months before hanging it up in early 2009.  The recording features a lot of their popular tracks including “Random Rules.”  You can download the entire set from the Free Music Archive.

Check out:


How to Rent A Room

It’s Friday! 


4 responses to “Friday’s Free Feature: Silver Jews on WFMU 9/8/2008

  1. I bought the FLAC version and burned a CD immediately. Slapped it on the iPod and went through it twice while working in the yard yesterday. Excellent album indeed!

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