The New 04.03.12

Dntel – Bright Night [mp3] (from Aimlessness, out June 5th)
Electronic artist and producer Jimmy Tamborello continues to deconstruct and reassemble music and beats to the delight of weirdoes and iconoclasts (myself included).  His music as Dntel is very different from The Postal Service collective (with Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie), but could still win over some converts of conventional electro-pop.

Volcanoes – With Black Gloves [mp3] (from Heavy Hands, out now – free download)
Incendiary and pyroclastic acid rock – chunky style (one of my favorites) – a nice mix of garage guitars and danceable rhythms – akin to The Rapture.

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band Warm Body [mp3] (from forthcoming EP, TBA)
Sparse and disparaging acoustic piece from Seattle heavy-indie rock quartet.

Video Love – Le Bruit des Machines [mp3] (from Mon Ange, out May 8th)
French electronica with a decidedly Stereo Lab flavor, albeit more fizzy and dizzy.

Twin Cabins – Cool Kids [mp3] (from forthcoming album I’m Sure, TBA)
Mexico City native Nacho Cano captures a mellowing dose of youthful dreaminess on his debut album I’m Sure.  In reference to the album, he states “I know this feels good. I’m sure of it.”

Teen Daze – Fantasy [mp3] (from EU Tour EP, out now)
Glossy, undulating electro-pop for summer evenings.


Parlovr – You Only Want It ‘Cause You’re Lonely [mp3] (from Kook Soul, out May 15th)
Dreamy indie pop from Montreal trio’s sophomore effort.

Stars in Coma Dismantle Your Heart[mp3] (from Midnight Puzzle, out in US on April 24th)
Psychedelic pop-folk that sounds as if it were blessed by Kevin Barnes (of Montreal) himself.  Midnight Puzzle is the third official release from this Swedish band.

Heavy Cream – John Johnny [mp3] (from Super Treatment, out May 8th)
Rollicking drums, pugnacious female vocals, and bombastic guitars punch through on the lead single from this Nashville foursome.


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