She Makes War to release “Little Battles”

She Makes War is a project of multi-instrumentalist and visual artist, Laura Kidd.  In 2010, Kidd released her debut album Disarm, a DIY project marked by noirish pop and diverse arrangements. Kidd drew attention to the album through her homemade videos, which skated the line between kitsch and art.

Watch – “Eye Spy” from Disarm

On April 9, Kidd will release Little Battles.  She amps up the gloom pop sound by adding layers of guitar, and a diverse range of instruments from ukulele to autoharp, melodica, piano, violin, harp, saxophone and three part recorder ensemble. These musical accoutrements alternate between providing a lovely contrast to Kidd’s soulfully sad vocals, or by adding to the sense of pervasive melancholy and depression. It’s lovely.

Check out: Exit Strategy from Little Battles
[audio] The video for “Exit Strategy” reflects Kidd’s quirky taste with its balance of bright and dreary. She sits in a dark room, looking like some odd cross between Madonna and Robert Smith. She’s the poor girl left pining at home, while everyone else is at the big dance.

Watch: “Exit Strategy”

Pre-order: “Little Battles” here.



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