The New: 03.28.12

More “New” for you, so consider these tracks from: James Apollo, Grass Widow, Hoots and Hellmouth, It’s A Musical, Orpheum Bell, and White Jacket.

James Apollo – “Two By Two
on Little War, Little Less
out 6/5
Apollo moved to Seattle to record his new album and follow-up from last year’s “Till Your Feet Bleed.” Our first peak into his newest effort has the solemn feel of a death march into Death Valley or likely, the Cascades where Apollo was rumored to have written many of the tracks on “Little War, Little Less.” Of interest is the presence of Damien Jurado, who produced the album.

Grass Widow – “Goldilocks Zone”
on Internal Logic
out 5/22
The post-punk darlings unleash their third LP later this spring. “Goldilocks Zone” is a psychedelic pop tune that cruises down the highway with the top down and the stereo blaring Dick Dale.

Hoots and Hellmouth – “Why Would You Not Want To Go There
on Salt
out 4/10
Hoots and Hellmouth make modern music using traditional instruments, which they label “Americana Pop” or “new music for old souls.” “Why Would You Not Want To Go There” successfully demonstrates this flair for crossing boundaries, and this track should appeal to fans of the Avett Brothers, Fleet Foxes, and other bands that draw inspiration from traditional music. “Salt” is the band’s fourth full-length recording.


© Friederike Franze 2011

It’s A Musical – “For Years And Years”
on For Years and Years
out now on Morr Music
Berlin-based duo, Bobby Blumm (AKA Ella Blixt) and Robert Kretzschmar, are reminiscent of acts like Mates of State or Matt & Kim. Favoring synth-based indie pop, the duo trade vocals and have the same ebullience of these other American duos. This is there second full-length album, following the release of “The Music Makes Me Sick” in 2008.

Orpheum Bell – “Daddy’s Crying
on The Old Sister’s Home
out 5/8
Orpheum Bell’s dark folk compositions are things of intricate beauty. A collection of multi-instrumentalists with common tastes, this quintet from Ann Arbor has developed a steady following since 2007. “The Old Sister’s Home” is their third album, and reflects the self-described Country and Eastern genre to which they attribute their music.


White Jacket – “Medinah” and “The Modern”
on Hollows and Rounds
out 4/3
White Jacket is led by former Apples in Stereo keyboardist, Chris McDuffie. Get ready for a big slice of power pop and if you love the stuff, you’ll love this. This is his first solo album. McDuffie draws inspiration from Yellow Submarine era Beatles on these two tracks.


The Modern


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