The “New”: 03.27.12

Post-Spazz Fest New for you includes tracks from Dubious Ranger, Father John Misty, Howth, Lux, David Ramos, and Twin Trip. Look for more “new” tomorrow, as we play catch up.

Dubious Ranger – “The Mayor
0n Found Recordings from The Panda Valley Mining Company c. 1931
out 5/22
The art-rock band based out of San Francisco newest album, is a creative collaboration between founder, pianist and songwriter Alexander Eccles and percussionist/ceramicist Gabe Turow. Set in a fictional mining town, Eccles and Turow use a variety of “handy” and unusual instruments such as rusty pipes, a tea kettle, a ceramic guitar, African bells, a $10 amp, a broken old piano and things being thrown against the wall. They cite sleep deprivation and weariness as contributing factors to this album. 

Father John Misty – “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
from Fear Fun
out 5/1
Former Fleet Foxes drummer, Josh Tillman, releases his solo album under the pseudonym, Father John Misty. A psych-folk number, “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” is a bouncy, dark, funeral dirge of sorts. The lyrics are in keeping with an ongoing theme in the album, balancing fear and fun. Looking forward to hearing more. “Fear Fun” will be released through Sub Pop.

Howth – “Wind Blows Cold
on Newkirk
out 5/1
The Brooklyn-based quintet return with a bit more edge and atmosphere, which beefs up the folk rock stylings of past efforts. “Wind Blows Cold” floats into the dream pop ether, but is tethered beautifully by the band’s incredible harmonies. Preview the entire album here.

Lux – “Coroner’s Office
from We Are Not The Same
out 4/3
A second preview offered by duo, David Chandler and Leah Rosen. A bit more melodic, they don’t stray far from their shoegazing roots. A pneumatic little ditty that will have you hitting the repeat button.

David Ramos – “Hollow Days
on Sento La Tua Mancaza
out 5/1
The psychedelic hip hop artist barely takes a breath as he spews his melancholic rhymes while lamenting the hollow holidays in front of him.

Twin Trip – “Heavy Load
from Twin Trip
out 4/24
Led by Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist, Felix Penny, Twin Trip signed with Flower Records last year. “Heavy Load” will intrigue fans of Muse and Bends-era Radiohead. It’s a strong composition that demands attention.



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