Thedadada Spring Mix 2012

Click here to download a ZIP file with all tracks & cover art; if you like a song, consider supporting the artist by purchasing music or checking out a live show!

Magnolia Shoals – 01 I Will Roam Again (from Life Danced in the Flesh)
A Place to Bury Strangers – 02 So Far Away (from Onwards to the Wall)
Black Marble – 03 Pretender (from Weight Against the Door)
Alice and Michi – 04 Dedication (from Strange Bloom)
Yellow Ostrich – 05 Marathon Runner (from Strange Lands)
Eleanor – 06 Praise Infinite Light (single)
Korallreven – 07 As Young As Yesterday (from As Young As Yesterday)
Magical Mistakes – 08 Don’t Need Much (from Dislocation)
The Dead Ships – 09 Before You Go (from Electric Ahab)
Beat Radio – 10 Dreaming Wide Awake (from Hard Times Go, Part 1)
Synthcake – 11 Solo (from Musicophilia)
Imperial Teen – 12 Runaway (from Feel the Sound)
Cloud Nothings – 13 Stay Useless (from Attack on Memory)
Constant Supply – 14 Daft Quotes (single)
Spirit Animal – 15 New Man Now (from I’m Around/New Man Now)
Waterstrider – 16 Midnight Moon (from Constellation)
Ramona Falls – 17 Spore (from Prophet)
The Coathangers – 18 Smother (from Davilla 666 split)
Tanlines – 19 All of Me (from Mixed Emotions)
Summer Camp – 20 Losing My Mind (Remix) (from Welcome to Condale)



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