Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 03.25.12

In this edition: Art Imperial’s “Cult of Love”, streams from the interwebs, and VIDEOS!

Art Imperial – “Cult of Love”

Classic sounds fly off Cult of Love, the follow up release to Art Imperial‘s notable Surf Suburban EP. Equal parts dream pop and surf rock, Imperial’s latest album keeps it light and accessible, making it immensely enjoyable. While Cult of Love stays within the neo-surf genre, there are elements of Motown (“Jesus in the Morning”), indie pop stylings reminiscent of The Smithereens (“The Changes”), and Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” (“Cult of Love”).   On Cult of Love, Imperial vies, yet again, for the soundtrack of the summer. You can pick it up on May 1. For now, stream it at Bandcamp:


Consider these:

Joywave – “True Grit”
from Koda Vista
out March 27 on YVYNL
Joywave’s brand of airy synthpop picks up a genre that is often maligned, or better stated, mangled by lesser artists. The Eastman Kodak corporation serves as an interesting influence for this Rochester-based act.


Moonlight Bride – “Lemonade”
from Twin Lake EP
out now
Lemonade‘s hazy noise pop is driven by a steady bass line and the building presence of distorted guitars.  The Chattanooga-based quartet came out of the blocks quickly in 2007 releasing two self-recorded albums before an official release of the EP, Myths in 2009. Now back with Twin Lake, the band has found a  steady groove like Real Estate with a grunge attitude.


Izabo – “I Like It” from Life Is On My Side out May 21 on 100% Records r On this single, the Israeli four-piece drops a funk-filled groove that smolders. Check out the video below. I “like IT!

Videos, videos, videos…

Auntie Mary – “Tenterhooks”

Briscoe – “Animal”

The Cribs – “Come On, Be A No-one”

Art Imperial – “Cult of Love”

Izabo – “I Like It” 



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