Friday’s Free Feature: Brut Choir – “Barest Bones”

Everett Hagen and Jimmy Spice are Brut Choir.  The duo from Little Rock released Barest Bones just over a year ago.  This is a “Postal Service” style recording, where the two passed tracks back and forth in recording sessions.  Its dark ambience is peppered with noisy guitar drone, haunting vocals, cold synth, and drum loops. The result is a perfect tonic for curing your “morning after a late night” blues (at least that’s how I feel this morning).

Check out: “Barest Bones”

There are rumors that Brut Choir is working on a full-length release. Two tracks, “Orion” and “Tesla”, were released shortly after the Barest Bones EP. However, there is still no word from Hagen and Spice on progress with new material. They recently played The White Water Tavern in Little Rock and promise to keep fans updated on news through their Facebook page. For now, we have this delicious morsel to enjoy:

Download/Stream – Barest Bones EP [Bandcamp]:

Happy Friday! 


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