Spazz Fest Night 4: Sunday (March 25) at Tipsy

Our final preview post for Spazz Fest! This will be an exciting weekend packed with great music and lots of extras. We’re looking forward to the Singer-Songwriter’s Roundtable on Friday at Art Avenue, which will benefit local music venue and eatery, The Tipsy Teapot.  Lots of other events happening this weekend, be sure to check out the entire Spazz Fest previews and schedule. See you all there!

We’d like to thank and acknowledge Spazz Fest promoter and godfather, Jeff Blinder, as a special contributor on this post and all of the Spazz Fest posts. He provided descriptions and links for each band, we added some links to music videos, music and other stuff.

The doors open at 6:00 and price of admission is $8.

You can access each band’s page by clicking on their feature heading.


If Greensboro’s Holy Ghost Tent Revival isn’t a band of musical time-travelers, it’s at least happy to play the part. With the mischievous air of a Mark Twain yarn, the music they craft conjures images of eras spent rambling from town to town, hopping between riverboats and trains, joshing with the locals, romancing with their daughters, and throwing back whiskey on the sly.

Skirting and leaping beyond the boundaries of their ancestral genres, Holy Ghost punctuates ragtime with horns, pierces jump blues with shouts , and peppers folk with barbershop. Their jittery swing transforms into doo-wop waltzes. Bluesy slide guitar solos relent to a horn-heavy crawl, ultimately erupting into a spiraling climax of voice and brass. When several of these moments are crammed into a single song, the elements converge for a raucous rollercoaster ride. While the band’s known for getting the most staid crowds on their feet, Holy Ghost keeps people on their toes as well. This sextet of loose cannons catches listeners off guard by throwing sharp curveballs at just the right moments and making ’em count.

Check out: “Overlooking Brooklyn” (06-11-10 at The Blind Tiger)

Check out: Alpha Dogs to Submarines



Baroque inflections, gospel sensationalizing and mirthy back-room jazz mark the music of PEARL AND THE BEARD. Even in moments of darker introspection, an underbelly of clever wit shines through in their performance. A brightly lit traipse across style and content, their music reflects the work of three songwriters: Mackenzie, Emily Hope Price and Jeremy Styles. All three members sing, accompanied by guitar, cello, glockenspiel and melodica, among others.Contagious hooks cross both belting vocals and dynamic cadence.

The melancholic drone of indie rock today hints that music need not be an enjoyable experience, that thoughts and lyrics must be heavy in order to carry weight. Pearl and the Beard refutes this, imploring the audience to “Enjoy yourself, because we certainly are.”

Watch: “Prodigal Daughter”

Watch: “The Lament of Coronado Brown”



If you don’t recognize the eponym “Black Hellatones,” perhaps you have heard of the band’s previous designation—“What’s Good.” Brothers Kazz and Storm Castañeda began an instrumental experimental/funk group in 2005. What’s Good was enormously popular in Jacksonville, Wilmington and Greenville, as they played shows with a diverse group of musicians, from metal to indie rock. When Mark Neil, the group’s bassist, relocated to Raleigh in 2010, Kazz and Storm shifted gears; their side project became the main event. Black Hellatones are one of NC’s best independent progressive and soul groups and you’d be a fool to miss them any time they gift us with their presence.

Check out Black Hellatones’ sounds on ReverbNation


This band, led by the masterful Matt Phillips, is comprised of students from the ECU school of music. Just wait till you hear this super talented AND local artist do his thing.

Check out: “Little Frog

Watch: “Try Out My Love”

AROUND THE PINE (Greenville)

Around The Pine’s Todd Barsalou has been a musician for over ten years. Growing up in various states in the USA Todd found his home in North Carolina where he began to develop as a musician. Around The Pine is influenced by various North Carolina southern styles and combines those with vivid storytelling and a raw performance to give a new take on Folk.

Check out: “Where Did You Go


An upcoming act in the Greenville music scene, Jericho and the Wolve aspire for great things like Hollywood and being tops of the marquee. Spazz Fest is a perfect place for a breakout performance.

See you at SPAZZ FEST 3! 


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