Spazz Fest: Friday Night (March 23) at Tipsy

We’d like to thank and acknowledge Spazz Fest promoter and godfather, Jeff Blinder, as a special contributor on this post. He provided descriptions and links for each band, we added some links to music videos, free music and other stuff.

The doors open at 7:30 and price of admission is $10.


Illustration: R.Stacey Palmer/Disturbing Fish Designs

So excited to be bringing this band back to Greenville! Lead by former Of Montreal member Jason NeSmith, the Athens, Georgia quartet fashion their stellar arrangements around singer NeSmith’s petulant vocal stylings, balancing preciousness with experimental sounds and irrepressible spirit. Razor-sharp guitar parts, soaring boy-girl harmonies, noisy keyboards, and neatly compact tunes that blossom. Very few touring indie acts possess the Cookies’ driven playfulness and exceptional instrumental skill that make for a damn fine power-pop band.Take everything you like best about The Monkees, Nick Lowe, the dB’s, XTC, Sparks, the B-52’s, and earlier Bowie and wrap it up in one colorful musical ribbon you get CASPER & THE COOKIES.

Check out: “Octopus” (Syd Barrett Cover)


Modern Silence (2009)

More from Casper & the Cookies:

Bandcamp | Live Music Archive


Born in a dark corner of the Spazzatorium, The Charming Youngsters sing songs about love and monsters while the earth burns all around them. 2012 has seen the band step outside of Greenville to find footing in the Triangle while they continue to fine-tune their unique brand of ramshackle noise pop. This is their first show since taking a recording hiatus and promises to deliver old favorites coupled with new beauties!

Check out:

Fortescue (2011)

Famous for Something Magical (2008)



ITCHY HEARTS are a high energy rock band with roots in folk, soul, and pop music. The band’s gone through many iterations and been a lot of places, but has settled into a noisy quartet based in Brooklyn. With the vocals of Andy Cobb reminiscent of Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) and an array of instruments, The Itchy Hearts sound is easy on the ears and fulfilling for the soul.

Check out:

Tried to be Punk (2011)–Free Download!


Goodbye, Goodnight (2010)


Do Ya Best (2010)



Ft. Wes Bryon (Ex-The Winter Mission) and ex-Greenvillian Elijah Heath. Art pop masterpieces that lead you astray only to bring you closer to the universal truth of music=life.

Check out:





The music ranges from the ethereal to an intensity that will move any audience. Bel Esprit maintain an element of familiarity while exploring non-sequential structures. The soundscapes are saturated with melody and held together by a powerful rhythm section.

Check out:

“Inaudible Things”

“Let It All Go”

“Can’t You See”


Raleigh’s Young Volcanoes entertain with a brand of indie rock quite adept at building energy through peaks and valleys within their songs. They’ve recently played with Young Circles and have a growing presence in the Raleigh/Durham/Triangle area.

Check out:

Here Are the Young Volcanoes (2011) —free download


Demos (2010)–free download


Stay tuned for more! 


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