Spazz Fest: Friday Night at Live Bar (Metal Option)

We’d like to thank and acknowledge Spazz Fest promoter and godfather, Jeff Blinder, as a special contributor on this post. He provided descriptions and links for each band, we added some links to music videos, music and other stuff.

ASG [VOLCOM] (Wrightsville Beach, NC)

ASG’s music is filled with big beefy guitar riffs and melodic foreboding that is soaked in Southern roadhouse whiskey hazed out through a kaleidoscopic squall packed with a walloping sonic punch. While the ingredients of stoner rock, psychedelic metal, and angst-ridden punk rock are transparent, ASG doesn’t fit under any particular category. Be you a fan of plain ol’ rock and roll and don sleeveless flannels while sucking down 22 ouncers and getting’ rowdy – or enjoy waxen’ deep on the bong ASG is like a blow to the head that leaves your eardrums ringing and keeps you coming back for more.

Check out:

Right Death Before

Low End Insight
— \


North Carolina quintet EVERY SINGLE LIE craft heavy music drawing influence from melodic hardcore with a dash of metal brutality. On record their heavy, catchy and calculated songs meet crisp production courtesy of Drew Fulk (Advent, KONG!, akissforjersey). What the future holds for EVERY SINGLE LIE is unknown but if you’re resident of Greenville, NC and you get to call this band your own –consider yourself very lucky.

Check out:

The Convoluted

EXALTED (Greenville, NC)

Fresh new act ft. members of the legendary Greenville band ACIREMA.

Check out: “Rough Track” on ReverbNation

UNICRON  (Raleigh, NC)

“The NC music scene has seen its share of ups and downs, and with the drought that seems to be overtaking the great state of NC has made six seasoned NC musicians ready to take the music scene and completely transform it. UNIC[RO]N; featuring members of Embracing Goodbye, Knives Exchanging Hands, The Avenger, and Holiday Avenue, are ready to premiere to an anxious audience wanting something more in their music. The members are taking their talents and combining them together to create musical masterpieces that can’t be denied being anything other than “in your face” and brutal. Be prepared UNIC[RO]N is coming and letting nothing stand it their way.”
–ReverbNation Bio

Check out:Halls of Iacon” (Demo)

Listen to more UNICRON at ReverbNation


“After Running with Lions and This Day I Prevail disbanded, the members of Running with Lions got together with Mike from TDIP to start a new project that was more musically diverse, well structured and to write music that we are all excited to share with our new fans . We are Among the Buried, a progressive metalcore band from Greenville, NC, with a new sound that is sure to impress, we will be releasing our first single in the beginning of Oct. We hope everyone is excited as we are about this.”
–from ReverbNation bio

Check out Among the Buried’s sounds on ReverbNation

Stay tuned for more Spazz Fest 3 action! 


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