Spazz Fest: Thursday Night (March 22) at Tipsy

We’d like to thank and acknowledge Jeff Blinder as a special contributor on this post and the series to follow. He provided descriptions and links for each band, and saved Clif from having to re-invent the wheel.

The Thursday “Option A” Show will be held at the Tipsy Teapot. Doors open at 7 PM and the music starts at 8 PM.

ROYAL BATHS (Brooklyn)

Featuring ex-members of THEE OH SEES and TY SEGALL old school rockers Jeremy Cox and Jigmae Baer not only acknowledge their retro influences, they wear them with pride. Royal Baths’ music is reminiscent of the dozen or so artists they cite as influences – drawing from the darkest corners of sixties garage rock as well as old-fashioned bluesmen and acid psychedelia. The instrumentation is rickety and the vocals drone. Tuning seems incidental as they bash out songs about drugs, girls and girls on drugs, though not necessarily in that order.

Check out:

Sitting In My Room” from 12.09.11 performance

Download the entire December 9, 2011 performance at Glasslands from NYC Taper

LONNIE WALKER (Raleigh/Greenville)

Foot-stomping, knee-slapping, crunchy and rousing Americana. Each song building from rambling country riffs to huge guitar shredding payoffs, frantic vocals, and ramped-up, urgent tempos. Pure shimmer’n’shake Appalachia-inspired roots rock with a flare for dramatic swells and anthemic truths. Expect new ditties and old favies!

Check out: “Compass Comforts”

Get their excellent Daytrotter Show from 12.07.10


“Lilac Shadows’ paisley world shimmers in waves of distortion, evoking stoned late-nights swaying beneath the twinkle of city lights. While obviously informed by shoegaze, their psych-rock’s not as creamy and overpowering, exploring a drier, more austere sound at times reminiscent of the Black Angels’ arid shelter.” –Indy Weekly

Check out:A Shallow Madness

Go to their ReverbNation page for more free samples and information.

AIRSTRIP (Raleigh)

Matt Park’s (Veelee) new nightmare-pop ensemble featuring members of Gross Ghost, Monsonia, and Caltrop. Heaviness and hooks abound. Get a free download of the track, “So-So”, on Bandcamp (below).

HECTORINA (Charlotte)

3-piece psychedelic pop birthed from the ashes of Dylan Gilbert & The Over Easy Breakfast Machine (including members of Linus Van Pelt). Get a free download of “Lost Weekend Waltz” from Bandcamp (below).

Stay tuned for more!


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