Rain from the Cloud: 03.07.12

Rain from the Cloud this week includes: SoundCloud streams from Finnish newbies Auntie Mary, much anticipated releases from Beach House, Bear in Heaven and Paperfangs, and some tantalizing electronic grooves from White Arrows.

Auntie Mary – “Tenterhooks”
7″ single preview
This Finnish quintet favors the indie pop-dance vibe of bands like Two Door Cinema Club, Kiriyama Family, and the UK act, Leisure. They’re cracking it with this bouncy, fun jam.

Beach House – “Myth” [linked via]
from  Bloom
out May 15  on Sub Pop
Love this, love this, LOVE THIS! Forgot how good this band was. “Myth” is a slow build with Alex Scally’s beautiful guitar playing like a chiming bell, and Ms. Victoria Legrand singing mournfully above a cascade of dreamy, reverbed synth. You can get a free download by signing up for their mailing list here.


Bear in Heaven – “Sinful Nature”
from I Love You, It’s Cool
out 4/3 on Dead Oceans
This is a bit of departure from past efforts, a bit darker with far heavier reliance on electronic sound. Hmmm…interest in the new album officially PIQUED! Stream the new album here.

Paperfangs – “I Felt The Ocean”
out March 26 [Bandcamp]
“I Felt the Ocean” is a hazy beat infested journey. It’s melancholy synth pop to ponder the chill of space. Headphones are definitely in order.


White Arrows 
“Fireworks Of The Sea”
“Get Gone”
7″ singles here
The SoundCloud page mentions that “Fireworks of the Sea” is dedicated to Jacques Cousteau, and you can easily imagine traveling underwater with this as your background music. “Fireworks…” and “Get Gone” have beautiful atmosphere, reverb-soaked vocals, and electronic beats upon beats. A band definitely worth getting to know.

“Fireworks of the Sea”

“Get Gone”



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