Biscuits & Gravy Volume 1

Making the monthly mixes usually results in having a bunch of good songs orphaned. In the past, I’ve had enough leftover material to make half editions of the Blogophilia mixes. This usually leads to confusion and questions about why have a half mix at all. I am not a fan of confusion, nor do I like to explain myself. So I’ve decided that there will be no more “half mixes” posted on the blog. Instead, we’ll have a Biscuits & Gravy series, which reflects a surplus of good music that never made it to the monthly mix. I am a fan of saying that anything extra is “gravy” and in the South we’re partial to our biscuits and gravy, hence the name. Yeah, you’re drowsing off…

Ok, so check out the mix:

Most of these tracks were promotional tracks posted to The Dadada and other blogs from late January through February. There is a nice mix of indie rock, power pop, electronic music, and folk songs. Remember, if you like an artist’s track, please support them buying their music, going to their concerts, and buying their merchandise.


Biscuits & Gravy Volume  1
Ripped @192 kbps
A mix of promotional tracks from indie rock, power pop, folk, and alternative artists. 

Download all tracks in one zip

01. Sourpatch – Cynthia Ann
02. Yellow Ostrich – The Shakedown
03. Dada Trash Collage – Fliers
04. Yalls – Settle Down
05. White Rabbits – Temporary
06. Pale Seas – Sleeping
07. Flights – Taller
08. Wild Nothing – Nowhere
09. Hospitality – Betty Wang
10. Cheers Elephant – Doin’ It, Right
11. Monument Valley – Dear John Letters
12. Briscoe – Animal
13. Crocodiles – Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)
14. Scott Nicks – Super 8
15. Uncle Roman’s Jetboat – Fearless Like Yourself
16. White Jacket – The Modern
17. Midtown Dickens – Only Brother
18. Sharon Van Etten & Glass Ghost – Like A Diamond
19. The Kickback – Violently Carsick
20. Callers & Delicate Steve – Further Out



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