Some ‘must see’ acts at SXSW

Oh, Austin… How I miss you so. Another year passes, and another SXSW missed. I guess I am lucky to have attended it in the past. SIGH… ah well, life moves forward.

If I were going, here are a few acts I’d like to see:

J.Irvin Dally

Bedroom folky, troubadour drifter, whatever the title, J. Irvin Dally is a talented singer-songwriter. His hazy, piercing vocals and beautiful compositions are immediately gripping, and he’s not some product of a studio. His live performances are equally compelling as evidenced by the many videos and in-studio gigs that have popped up on the internet.

Catch J. Irvin Dally at SXSW:
March 15 – SXSW -The Jackalope – Austin, TX
March 16 – SXSW – Beale St Tavern – Austin, TX

Check out: “Teething”

Watch: “Sun Room”

Follow J. Irvin Dally: Facebook | Bandcamp | Web

Cheyenne Marie Mize

credit: Meagan Jordan

Cheyenne Marie Mize released her follow-up EP, We Don’t Need (Yep Roc), in January.  Mize shows great growth on this EP and experiments with depth and sonic textures not heard in her previous recordings. While she’s physically beautiful (despite her protests), it’s her voice that stops you dead in your tracks. Singers often refer to their voice as an instrument, on  We Don’t Need, Mize demonstrates remarkable synergy between what she possesses and what she plays.

She’s no stranger to SXSW either. NPR named her one of their ten discoveries of 2011.

Catch Cheyenne Marie Mize at SXSW:
March 15 – SXSW – The Continental Club – Austin, TX
other dates at SXSW to be announced

Check out: “Wishing Well”

Watch: “It Lingers” (Live)

Follow Cheyenne Marie:  Facebook | Bandcamp | Web

Secret Colours

We received EP3 back in November with the track, “Faust”, and it bowled us over. Secret Colours straddle the line between 60s psychedelia and the post-post punk era college radio (think Dandy Warhols and The Charlatans). Thumping bass lines, crunchy rhythm guitars and crisp licks behind the drumkit combine to make beautiful post-modern, space rock. The video for “Faust” is easily one of our favorites, check it out below.

Catch Secret Colours at SXSW:
March 14 –  SXSW – B.D. Riley’s – Austin, TX
–other dates to be announced

Check out: “Legends of Love”

Watch: “Faust”

Follow Secret Colours:  Facebook | Bandcamp | Web



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