Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 02.26.12

In this edition: previews from Lost In The Tree’s “A Church That Fits Our Needs”; SXSW previews, Gorillaz new Converse gig; and VIDEOS!

Lost in the Trees to release
“A Church That Fits Our Needs”

Lost in the Trees are set to drop “A Church That Fits Our Needs” on March 20. The highly anticipated follow-up to “All Alone In An Empty House” (2010)  reflects Ari Picker’s steady work with a full band. The releases “Red” and “Golden Eyelids” are distinctly heavier and rely less on the classical influences so prevalent on the last album.
Check out: 

“Golden Eyelids”


Consider These

More SXSW Artists:

Some tracks from folks we like (click on name to check out band):

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – “Skeletons”
from “It’s A Corporate World” (2011)

These guys avoid the chillwave label, because they are so much more than hazy beats and drowned out reverb. Cool beats and innovative compositions mark their catalogue. 


The Lighthouse and the Whaler – “Pioneers”
from the Pioneers EP (to be released 2012)
This Cleveland-based quintet creates catchy, complex indie pop. Can’t wait to hear more.

Now Now – “Dead Oaks”
from “Threads” out 3/2
Reminiscent of Tegan and Sara, but a bit cooler and prone to twee. 


TRMRS – “Goodtime Blues”
from “Goodtime Blues” b/w “Enter the Door” 7″
Very cool garage rock, that’s guaranteed to make you wanna go out and slam dance. 

Typhoon – “The Honest Truth”
from “A New Kind of House” EP (2011)
Typhoon makes emotive, beautiful pieces. Like many Portland acts, they have SO MANY musicians in the band. I wonder why Portlandia’s never covered that. 

Converse’s New Marketing Gem:

Gorillaz – DoYaThang (feat. James Murphy and Andre 3000)

Kudos to Converse for latching onto one of the more imaginative acts of the last decade. Converse is hosting the free mp3 (Radio friendly version) for DoYaThang; get it here.  Check out the explicit version below:

And here’s a preview of the new Chucks. I’m partial to the bright green camo:

Videos, videos, videos…

Beirut – “Vagabond”

Lost in the Trees – “Red”

Now Now – “Dead Oaks”

The PeteBox – “Where Is My Mind” (Pixies cover)

The Shins – “Simple Song”



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