More “New” for Ewe

The inbox is overflowing and there’s plenty to post, so why not share the love?

Baby Baby – “Haters Clean”
Released 2/14
The Atlanta bad boys steal Kurt Cobain’s Big Muff and fuzz it up. We’re featuring the clean version, but you get the idea. Straight up party rock. Guaranteed to cause a riot.


Briscoe – “Animal
from Friends Ago
out sometime in 2012
The Sydney-based sextet control their power pop aspirations by tempering it with a solid folk foundation. “Animal” is deliciously good, and we here in the states will have to wait for more. Here’s to waiting…enjoy this special treat!

Ceremony – “Adult” 
from Zoo
out 3/6
“Adult”  is controlled mayhem. The angry guitar meter goes off strongly with this release. Looking forward to hearing more from Zoo, which drops in less than two weeks.

Death Valley Sleepers – “Into My Mind”
New single
The psychedelic groove, super chill vocals, and jangly guitars create an addictive mess of music that’s hard to ignore. These Danes have a real feel for good pop. Check out their 2009 self-titled debut, and pine away for their new release with this preview.

Midtown Dickens – “Only Brother
from Home
out 4/3 on Trekky Records
The Durham, NC quartet creates indie pop with a folk twist. “Only Brother” has a bit more than a twist of folk. There’s a subtle clarinet fill at the bridge that will immediately grab you. If you want a bigger preview, get more of their latest songs on Bandcamp, where several tracks are freely available.

Christopher Paul Stelling – “Solar Flares
from Songs of Praises & Scorn
out now on Bandcamp
The NYC troubador released Songs of Praises & Scorn earlier this week. For the next few weeks he’s out on a US tour, which includes a stop at SXSW too.
SXSW schedule:
3/15 – Austin, TX – The Tap Room @ 6 Lounge
3/17 – Austin, TX – Wyndham Hotel (7pm)
3/18 – Austin, TX – Lomography (1pm, ProxArt showcase)

Reptar – “Sebastian
from Body Faucet
out 5/1 on Vagrant Records
“Sebastian” is an interesting bouillabaisse of electro pop with its super chill intro and gradual foray into full blown party mode with shout backs, claps, and steel drum synth. 

Yellow Ostrich – “The Shakedown
from Strange Land
out 3/6 on Barsuk
Remember that skinny kid who used hang out in his room and make all kinds of cool, unusual music? Well, he’s signed to Barsuk now. You may have heard that. Yeah, and that means that little old blogs like ours get sloppy seconds… oh well. I am happy for Alex. The follow up to “Marathon Runner” has a bit more bite and distinct from anything you’ve heard from Mr. Schaaf in his large footed, straw-colored alter ego.


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