The Kickback – “Violently Carsick”

South Dakota to Chicago and who knows where else The Kickback will go. They’ll start a weekly residency at Schuba’s in Chicago beginningMarch 5, and playing there every Monday night in March.

We’re presenting the single, “Violently Carsick”, which was meant to serve as an entry for The Kickback’s Red Bull tour diary. The length of the track (it is over 6 minutes) seemed to be troublesome for Red Bull. Let’s just say corporate folk aren’t the brightest, when it comes music.

“Violently Carsick” is brilliant. It plays on the track, “Route 66”, and the boys are clearly channeling their inner-Dylan on this one. It’s a wild ride to the end.

Check out: “Violently Carsick

Watch: “Scorched Earth (Do-da)”

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