Friday Free Feature: Armen at the Bazaar – “Noor”

Late to this release, but enjoyable nonetheless. Thank you Mr. Farthing for the tip.

Armen at the Bazaar‘s “Noor” is artistically adventurous, experimental pop. It adheres to the tenets of pop music with catchy melodies and excellent use of rhythm, but plays with noise and loops to create a playful space. He’s encouraging you to join him, and in your Friday haze, you’re tempted. You cross that threshold of aural delight willingly, because it feels good. Oh those endorphins are funny things.

The one man band out of Montreal is offering “Noor” and “Demoz” through Bandcamp. Each has its merits, but I prefer “Noor”. It will appeal to fans of Yellow Ostrich and also 80s era Peter Gabriel. I love his rendition of “Over the Rainbow”.

Check out:

Drive With Me

Over the Rainbow

Download/Stream – “Noor”



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