The New 02.21.12

Uncle Roman’s Jetboat – Floodlights In The Sunlight [mp3]

Uncle Roman’s Jetboat – Fearless Like Yourself [mp3]

(Uncle Roman’s Jetboat – from Floodlights in the Sunlight, out March 6th on Don’t Be a Lout): Former members of The Raggedy Anns and The Kindness Kind collaborate to produce a singular form of downy yet portentous indie pop.

Bobby Conn – Underground Vktm [mp3] (from Macaroni, out April 9th on Fire Records)
Chicago misfit and culture warrior Bobby Conn continues to serve as “chronicle of our times, cheerfully spraying glitter on the chaos that surrounds us.”  His wife and musical partner, Monico Boubou, joins on violin along with members of Lazer Crystal, Mahjongg, and The Detholz!

Gabriel and the Hounds – The World Unfolds [mp3] (from Kiss full of Teeth, out Feb 28th on EJRC)
Orchestral indie rock from Brooklyn with languid Velvet Underground melodies and wonderfully obtuse Dinosaur Jr. vocals.

Princeton – Remembrance Of Things To Come [mp3] (from Remembrance of Things to Come, out today)
Graceful LA indie pop with strings – reminiscent of Ra Ra Riot.

Letters – To the Town Sweetheart [mp3] (from Letters/Poppet split tape, out now)
Olympia act covering their sister band Poppet with disjointed rhythm, minimalist melodies, and yearning, self-confessional vocals.  This tune is structured like a dream.  Look for Letters and Poppet at a venue near you this spring.

Spirit Animal – CROCODILE SKINS [mp3] (from Spiritia Animalia, out soon)
Spirit Animal of a different sort – not the guys from Burlington, VT, but rather NYC.  This manifestation is pure cock rock/funk.

White Jacket – The Modern [mp3] (from Hollows and Rounds, out April 3rd)
Contemporary indie rock with a dash of 70s psychedelia that would make George Harrison smile.


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