It’s Monday…

In the spirit of spontaneity and the bummer that it’s Monday, we present a new regular feature:  It’s Monday, which will feature streams, mp3s, videos, and whatever else is interesting want.

And here’s the first installment:

Pets with Pets Headed to SXSW

Pets with Pets – “Pixie Child
This Aussie act is planning to visit SXSW in March. They describe their music as lo-fi psychedelia, and it’s exactly what you’d think, i.e., strange, trippy, experimental, and intriguing. Pets with Pets can only go two ways with this at SXSW: they become the band about which everyone walks away raving or they freak everyone out. They would probably like  either outcome, which is another reason to like them.

See Pets with Pets at SXSW (Austin, TX):

03/16 – And So… Party @ Spider House
03/18 – Aussie BBQ Showcase @ Maggie Mays

Briar Rabbit’s thought provoking effort

Briar Rabbit – “The Great Routine”
We’re a little late on the draw with this album… Chicago-based musician Philip-Michael Scales is Briar Rabbit. The Great Routine examines the 19th Century black minstrel shows from an African-American perspective. Scales released the album to coincide with Black History month. It’s an extremely intelligent recording, surprising in it’s nuances and breadth. They’ve been offering mp3s from the album via Facebook’s “pay with a post” app and a similar feature on Twitter. I can’t say I am big fan of that type of delivery system, but you’re welcome to grab “In My Head” using this method.
Here, Scales explains the motivation for his album:

“The idea [behind black minstrel shows was] that in order to pursue your passion to its fullest extent, you have to degrade yourself. Once you degrade yourself, you make a lot of money which may or may not be worth something (depending where you go). You are virtually given a pass through society when you’re in character. So how do you decide to make that choice? How much can you endure? What difference are you really making? Don’t forget your adoring audience, they love you like Mickey Mouse but are simultaneously setting mouse traps at home. There are two separate worlds that rest on your shoulders. Our Minstrel elects to collide those worlds in one event. I didn’t write The Great Routine because it was a black story, I wrote it because it was a good story. A story about American entertainment.”

In this video, Scales explains his interest in developing the project:

Stream: “The Great Routine”:



Wildmen – “$20,000”
In this video, the Italian duo deliver garage goodness. Too much fun!

And while this isn’t music, I can’t wait for Game of Thrones to start:

Check this trailer too…

So let’s end on a high note:

Pacific UV – “Funny Girl”
This track has that serious synth pop feel akin to late 80s New Order. A fantastic track to liven up your Monday.



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