Friday Free Feature: A Tsunami from 50 Foot Wave

Last month, the Kristin Hersh vehicle, 50 Foot Wave, released the EP, With Love from the Men’s Room. 50 Foot Wave offers their albums freely under a Creative Commons license through Hersh’s non-profit music distribution service, CASH Music.  You can pick up the new EP, Power + Light, and the rest of 50 Foot Wave’s catalogue since 2003.  They also accept donations and we strongly encourage you to drop a bit o’ green if you grab some music.

You have to appreciate their commitment to the Creative Commons concept. Here’s their directive to the world, “Share This Music. Please repost, podcast, burn it for friends, burn it for your enemies, USE it. Thank you in advance for your time, energy and enthusiasm.” How can you not love that?

For those new to the world of Kristin Hersh, she was one of the vocalists and guitarists for the alt. rock band, Throwing Muses. Along with her stepsister, Tanya Donnelly, Hersh and Throwing Muses forged a path for female-led alternative rock. They signed with 4AD, and were regular features in the 80s college radio scene. Despite line up changes, Hersh kept Throwing Muses going for over 20 years. She’s also recorded some solo material, written a book (Rat Girl), and has performed since 2003 with 50 Foot Wave.

50 Foot Wave is a bit more edgy than Hersh’s other projects. Her biting lyrics and agressive guitar playing lead this power trio, which also includes former Chalk FarM drummer Rob Ahlers and Throwing Muses bassist Bernard Georges. Their sound is a nice balance of punk, grunge and early 90’s alt. rock.

Check out:

Hot Pink, Distorted” from Free Music

Petal” from Golden Ocean

 “Clara Bow” from 50 Foot Wave

Happy Friday!


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