Valentine’s Day “New” and “Rain”

The latest choice MP3s and SoundCloud tracks for your Valentine’s Day:

Caveman –  “Old Friend
from CoCo Beware 
out 3/27 on Original Recordings Group
“Old Friend” exists in this sleepy dream world. The ether has you floating about while synthesizers, mixing machines, and chirpy guitars unleash the next iteration of power pop.


Inspired and the Sleep
“What I Want and What I Need”

from I Love You and Stuff 
The track “What I Want and What I Need”  is a part of a Valentine’s compilation release from Hi54LoFi records. It’s twee-tastic, and gets a big boost from Kaila Abruzzo on vocals.  You can pick up the whole thing for an English pound, which is currently trading for $1.57 in US dollars. Pick it up here.


Laura Meyer 
All kinds of stuff on Bandcamp
Yes, we’re being a bit unorthodox about this whole thing today! Laura released the “Unreleased Release” as a Valentine’s Day present to her fans. You can pay what you want for it on Bandcamp.

We’re also featuring “Love is a Broken Record” from her excellent Golden Delicious LP, she has several albums that are priced as “pay what you want” here.


Marissa Nadler
“The Wrecking Ball Company”
from The Sister
out 5/29 on Box of Cedar Records
The Boston-based neo-folkie is set to release the follow-up to last year’s self-titled album. “The Wrecking Ball Company” is hauntingly beautiful. 


Stars in Coma
“Paint My Picture on the Thick Shell” 

from Midnight Puzzle 
out 2/27 on KinGem Records
Super chill dream pop that basks in subtle goodness. If George Harrison was coming up today, this is what he would sound like. 

Wild Nothing – “Nowhere”
from  Nowhere 7″
out 2/21 via Captured Tracks
Nowhere has that hazy Sunday afternoon feel with a sad harmonica and sliding guitar strings. It’s a sad, slacker anthem that makes beautiful use of its elements. Grab the free mp3 while you can.

Cheers… and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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