Something for Later Volume 5

Volume 5 in the mix series focusing on experimental rock, avant garde pop, freak folk, and electronic music.  If you like a track, please check out the artist.

Click HERE to download complete zip file with coverart.

Lower Dens01 Brains (from Zootropics)
Kishi Bashi – 02 It All Began With a Burst (from 151a)
Spectral Park – 03 L’appel Du Vide (from Factory Peeled)
Porcelain Raft – 04 Unless You Speak From Your Heart (from Strange Weekend)
Good Sport – 05 Dudes (from And Now We Are Talking)
Neal Morgan – 06 Fathers Day (from In the Yard)
First Person Shootr – 07 Punch Struck (from Mobility for Gods)
Eric Chenaux – 08 Amazing Backgrounds (from Guitar & Voice)
Sick Friend – 09 The Draft Dodger (from The Draft Dodger)
Thomas Azier – 10 Metropolitan Tribe (from Hylas 001)
Pontiak – 11 Lions of Least (from Echo Ono)
Digital Leather – 12 Young Doctors in Love (from Modern Problems)
of Montreal – 13 Dour Percentage (from Paralytic Stalks)
Cool Runnings – 14 Behold the Cunt (from Dracula is Only the Beginning)
Kurt von Stetten – 15 Codify (from Cyclops)
Colossal Gospel – 16 Bitter Man (from Circles)
Ganglians – 17 Jungle (from Still Living)
Mwahaha – 18 Love (from Mwahaha)
The Soft – 19 Half Breath (from Hot Summer)
The Darcys – 20 Josie (from Aja)
Tanlines – 21 Brother (from Mixed Emotions)


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