Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 02.12.12

In this edition: Grand Duchy returns, De La Soul’s First Serve, and this week’s videos!

Grand Duchy to release “Let the People Speak”

When Black Francis and his wife, Violet Clark, formed Grand Duchy, few would have guessed the resulting “debut” album would be among his best efforts outside the famed band, The Pixies.  On “Petit Fours”, Clark’s love of synth pop and electronic music won out over Francis’ tastes in punk and surf rock. The press kit quoted Francis, “She digs the ‘80s. I had spent the latter part of the ‘80s trying to destroy the ‘80s.”  Nevertheless, the pairing worked remarkably well.

Check out: “Seeing Stars” from Petit Fours

The couple are back with “Let the People Speak”, which will drop on April 10. It draws inspiration from Andy Warhol for whom Clark developed an affinity while studying Art History. The video for “Silver Boys” is evidence of this tribute. Shot in Warhol’s famed Factory, the video makes allusions to Warhol’s work, which always included a small group of friends who served as his muses. They recently released a behind the scenes video for “Silver Boys”:

You can watch the video for “Silver Boys” in this week’s Videos, Videos, Videos (below).

Check out: “Silver Boys”  [mp3 link (free)]

“Silver Boys” expands upon the sound that made “Petit Fours” so great. You can pre-order “Let the People Speak” through Cooking Vinyl. The album will be distributed in North America through Sonic Unyon.

1. The Lopsided World of L
2. See-Thru You
3. White Out
4. Where is John Frum
5. Geode
6. Shady
7. Annie Bliss
8. Dark Sparkles and The Beat
9. Two Lies and One Truth
10. Silver Boys
11. Illiterate Lovers
12. Face
13. Esther
14. ROTC
15. Let the People Speak

De La Soul’s Latest Invention: First Serve

De La Soul’s Plug 1 (Posdnous) and Plug 2 (Trugoy), are under a new guise, First Serve. The pair narrate the story of two young boys from Queens, New York and follows them as they make it into the world of hip hop. Fans of the seminal hip hop group can expect plenty of satire mixed with messages about the general state of culture and specifically, hip hop. We feature “Pushin’ Aside, Pushin Along” below, and the video for “Must B The Music” in this week’s Videos, Videos, Videos.

Check out: “Pushin’ Aside, Pushin’ Along”

Videos, videos, videos…

Duologue – “Push It” (Live Recording)

First Serve – “Must B The Music”

Grand Duchy – “Silver Boys”

The Raincoats – “Don’t Be Mean”

Said the Whale – “We Are 1980”

Severin – “High Shot”


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