Rain from the Cloud: 02.09.12

Buckets o’ new stuff on SoundCloud from Averkiou, Duologue, Grinderman, Manor, and Seluah.

Averkiou – “Fuzzy Photograph”
from The New Imperative (EP)
out 2/10 on Sound Study
Fuzzy guitars? Reverb-drenched vocals? Should I be stumbling out of a bar following my afternoon classes? This Gainesville (FL) quartet takes us back to those halcyon days of old (or at least my early college days), as they serve up a grunge-tinged dose of shoegazing that recalls  My Bloody Valentine.  They were captured on video recently, check them out live in Gainesville.


Duologue – “Get Out While You Can”
from Duologue EP
out now
This five-piece London act is slowly gaining notoriety in the US.  “Get Out While You Can” blends blues guitar riffs with synthed out beats and the emotive vocals of Tim Digby-Bell. They cite Aphex Twin and Radiohead as influences, and that much is clear. They’ve also ventured into the remix realm, remixing the likes of The Drums, Little Dragon, and more. We’re also featuring their remix of Givers “Up Up Up”, below.

“Get Out While You Can”

Givers – “Up Up Up” (Duologue remix)


Grinderman – “Bell Ringer Blues”
(Nick Zinner Remix)

from Grinderman 2 RMX
out 3/13 on Anti-
Grinderman might have call it quits in December, but the folks at the record label screamed loudly, “You’re not dead yet!” as they decided to remix the second Grinderman album.  The effects and electronics on this recording give it a haunting sound, perfectly matched with Nick Cave’s vocals.


Manor – “Rhodesia”
out as a single
Manor is Nathaniel Morse and Caitlin Duff. The Australian duo cites The Beach Boys, the Cocteau Twins and Paul Simon, as inspiration. “Rhodesia” has the cold, jangly guitars favored by the XX entwined with warm, soaring vocals. You can pick it up on iTunes. They are currently completing their debut album, which is set for release some time in 2012.


Seluah – “The Other Side of the Gun”
from Red Parole
out 4/10 on Karate Body Records
It’s been 10 years since Seluah recorded their debut EP. Now they are back with a  promising new album, “Red Parole”. The Louisville quartet’s dark compositions have been labeled “doom rock” and “noirish guitar rock”. “The Other Side of the Gun” does nothing to dispel these labels, as it alludes to murder and being on the right side of the gun. The changes in timing and musical emphasis convey an atmosphere of uncertainty and tension.



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