Sunday Ramblings & Considerations: 01.05.12

In this edition: We review Whistle Peak’s “Half Asleep Upon Echo Falls”; check out singles from Milano Sun, Guy Capecelatro III, and I’m In You; and an excellent bunch of videos in this week’s Ramblings.

Review: Whistle Peak – “Half Asleep Upon Echo Falls”

On February 14, Whistle Peak is set to release their second studio album, Half Asleep Upon Echo Falls. The Louisville-based quintet cleverly mixes a blend of southern blues, folk and rock to create their version of experimental, lo-fi dream pop. The result is an easy, enjoyable album full of rhythm and intricacy.

The opener, “Big and Bright”, emerges from the primordial ooze that is creativity rather inconspicuously. As the song opens, we are left wondering “Is that sound a duck or is it a dog?” before the pulse picks up, rhythm kicks in and we’re drifting into reverie with sliding guitar and bass lines and ethereal vocals floating wistfully above it all.  The first single, “Wings Won’t Behave”, also draws from these elements to create a dreamy, somnambulist’s walk. These moments are captured again in the plodding pace and mournful vocals of “Us Two Can Play”, the slow guitar rhythm of “Land to Land”, the quiet xylophones of “Sailor”, and the delicate ukulele and subtle kazoo playing on “The Laws”.

A ukulele, xylophone and mandolin create the glorious carousel ride on “Elephants”, a track that appeals to the inner child in each of us. “Hurry Hurry” is a fuzzed out jazz-blues groove that’s true to the band’s southern roots. “Play the Ghost” is just that with its haunting keys, funky bass line, and subtle use of xylophone. “Elephants”, “Hurry Hurry”, and “Play the Ghost” really jump off the album, while staying true to its dreamy feel.

Half Asleep On Echo Falls is an intimate album. It won’t rock your socks off, but adds to those more common moments of life. Put it on in the car while driving to work, preparing dinner, or in those early morning hours where you’ve risen too early, but need something to ease you into the day.

Lyrics: 18/20
Composition: 18/20
Musicianship: 17/20
Production: 16/20
Originality: 9/10
Intangibles: 8/10
Score: 86/100

Check out: “Wings Won’t Behave”

Consider These

Milano Sun – “Already Gone” (single)
The first single from this Gothenburg trio is a study in contrasts. The sunny composition is in opposition to the lyrics post-breakup longing and melancholy. Great synth pop tune, and they assure us there is more to follow. Watch the video below.


Guy Capecelatro III -“Girlfriends
from North for the Winter
out 2/21/12 on Dromedary Records
On his second release Guy Capecelatro III is caught wondering about old flames. The effects on this track make it feel as though he’s narrating from outer space. He’s not necessarily pining away for these past loves, and the ending is a bit curious. I am hoping it’s a phone.

I’m In You – “Sure” (single)
out now as a free download
I’m In You is an electro dance rock act out of Brooklyn. “Sure” has a disco groove that would make Giorgio Moroder smile. Preview tracks “DMNR” and “Unconditional Rescue” via Bandcamp.


Videos, Videos, Videos….

Alcoholic Faith Mission – “Into Pieces”

Miike Snow – “Paddling Out”

Milano Sun – “Already Gone”

A Place to Bury Strangers – “So Far Away”

The Other Tribe – “Don’t Need A Melody”

Young Fathers – “Sister”
If you haven’t already, get Tape One [free download]


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