Friday Free Feature: Spectral Park – Factory Peeled

Dwelling at the intersection of low fidelity pop and burned-out psychedelia we find Englishman Luke Donovan’s Spectral Park.  Seemingly inspired by the acid doo wop of the Mothers of Invention, the organ of Rick Wright (Pink Floyd), and the madcap of Syd Barrett, Spectral Park channels a weirdo art-pop groove that is absolutely sublime.   The lead track ‘L’Appel du Vide’ – literally the “call of the void” – buffets between obtuse, jangled guitar chords, phasing electronic noise arpeggios , and sci-fi organ runs, propelled by copious snare drum and topped with reverb-soaked vocals;  “You can’t of tired of me, like I’m tired of you” sings Donovan – mocking an emotional void.  ‘Colours’ features a squeaky and serrated electronic melody (you’ll either love it or hate it). ‘The Thief’s Journal’ brandishes a majestic chorus amid pulsating electronic melodies.  The coda ‘Leaving the Theatre’ sounds like it could be a lost track from Ummagumma.

Check Out: L’appel Du Vide [mp3]

Check Out: The Thief’s Journal [mp3]

Download(free)/stream: Spectral ParkFactory Peeled


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