RAIN from the CLOUD 2.1.12

Montage Populaire – ‘Reject Reinstall’
Experimental glam pop from UK.  These fellas are new on the block, yet act like they own it – convincingly.  This song is boisterous, melodic, and inventive with a jovial, harmonious chorus, noisy breaks that channel the art rock of Roxy Music, and playful synth sounds that are reminiscent of Olivia Tremor Control or of Montreal. ‘Reject Reinstall’ is the lead track from their debut EP Not All Bombs Explode. Can’t wait for this one…

The Soft – ‘Tropisms’
Accessible, malleable, danceable chill-wave in the vein of Animal Collective but without the Beach Boys vibe.

 Tennis – ‘Origins’ & ‘Deep in the Woods’
First single from sophomore record Young & Old reveals Denver band Tennis expanding their sonic textures and song-writing scope.

Roman Ruins
– ‘Mighty Love’
Experimental electronics with a Beta Band groove featuring rain stick. Oakland-based songwriter Grant Hill plays drums for Beach House and Papercuts while constructing daydream mantras in his spare time.

Turnpike Glow – ‘1986’
Quirky & catchy indie pop from Rome. Track is mixed by acclaimed producer Dave Newfeld (Broken Social Scene, Super Furry Animals, Los Campesinos).

PRJCTS Eastside Wasteland (Inky Dire Remix)
LA duo banging out “backyard boogie” take on hip-hop/R&B.

Lucky Paul –‘Elephant Island’
Simple, plaintive, emotive indie pop from UK.


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