The New 1.31.12

Cloud Nothings – No Future/No Past [mp3]

Cloud Nothings – Stay Useless [mp3]

Cloud Nothings – No Sentiment [mp3]

(each track from Attack on Memory, out now on Carpark Records)
Dylan Baldi continues to make melodic pop-punk, but embraces the sound and urgency of hardcore & emo (Fugazi, Jawbreaker, June of 44) to revitalize his vision and voice.  Employing a full band (after touring with Fucked Up) and the production skills of Steve Albini, these songs are wildly energetic and poignant (rather than merely “retro”).

Two Suns – Dirty Industry [wav] (from Dream Familiar, one song released per week through March)
Wicked electronic hardcore.  All sounds produced by Jake Davidson – family man, supremely talented musician, and music lover.  If you like this track, check out the other free downloads (some out, some forthcoming).  The styles vary, but it’s all very well done.

City Rain – I’m Gone (from I’m Gone,  out now)
Philly electro-disco rock – a guilty pleasure.


Jezzy & The Belles – Confess Child [mp3] (S/T EP out Feb 14, with full length Compasses & Maps to follow later in the spring)
Brooklyn electro-pop infused with Latin melodies: “Think: Feist meets Air meets Bjork with a twist of NIN drum programming.  

Grace Woodroofe – Battles [mp3] (from Always Want, out now on Modular/Universal)
“I never thought it turn out like this; I never thought I would be a middle age waitress” – feminine forlorn ruminations with immersive xylophone, spotless guitar, jazzy bass, and break-beat drumming.

Cardinal – Carbolic Smoke Ball [mp3] (from Hymns, out now on Fire Records)
Hymns is the first new album in 18 years from orchestral pop gurus Richard Davies and Eric Matthews.  ‘Carbolic Smoke Ball’ is a lush mid-tempo pop song with cheerful horns.

Spirit Animal New Man Now [mp3] (from I’m Around/New Man Now maxi-single, out now Mecca Lecca)
Blissed out chill wave from Burlington, VT.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures (GZUS remix) [mp3] (Pictures single out Feb 20)
Dubstep remix of fan-favorite featuring reverb-laden vocals and gentle finger-picking guitar.


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