Rain from the Cloud 1.25.12

Mr. Fogg – ‘Stay Out Of the Sun’
For his sophomore album, Oxford (UK)’s Mr. Fogg employed a new method – targeting the composition of 20 new songs in 5 months.  The first output from that process is the first single – ‘Stay Out Of the Sun’, which opens with whispered vocals, simple piano chords, and metronomic beats and alternates between that basic structure and waves of phasing synthesizer, hazy guitar and clattering percussion.

Young Hines – ‘Rainy Day’
Brendan Benson (The Ranconteurs) new protégé is a melodious singer/songwriter from Georgia – very Lennon-esque.

Swim Deep – ‘King City’
Birmingham (UK) trio release its first single of the year. It’s bright buoyant synth pop with pulsing guitar rhythms and reverb-soaked vocals. Starts off longing for better things, but it turns out that life isn’t so bad.

BretonlabsBlanket Rule EP
Mutated electro-grooves in the vein of LCD Soundsystem.  Forgive me for this… “Play that funky music British guys!”  Awesome stuff.


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