Sunday Ramblings & Considerations

In this edition: mp3s from All the Saints, Baby Teardrops, Bear & Moose, and  Guy Capecelatro III; support the Kickstarter for John French & The Bastilles; get albums from Joseph Arthur, Arundel and Slowriter; and VIDEOS!

Quick Hits

All the Saints – Half Red, Half Way
from “Intro to Fractions”
out  January 30 on Souterrain Transmissions
This is an explosive psych rocker that captures your ears and never lets go.  Fuzzed out guitars, lots of space and reverb on vocals float above smashing toms and booming bass drums to drive this track into a wall. Beautiful.

Baby TeardropsBanged in the Heart
from “X is for Love”
released April 2011 through  Golden Sound Records
There’s a trancing hook to this song that’s reminiscent of early Smashing Pumpkins. Megan Thomas’ backing vocals really add to the depth of this track, while the band plays a pulsing post-grunge groove with flair.

Bear & Moose – Wear the Wolf
from Bear/Moose out NOW (self-released)
“Wear the Wolf” is a trippy psychedelic rock tune that slowly builds until Eric Mueller lets his guitar rip it up for awhile. There’s an easy going air emanating from this duo, who recorded a double LP for their first release. It’s got that Haight Asbury sound. You can order their self-titled debut here.

photo: Michael Winters

Guy Capecelatro III Like Anything
from “North for the Winter”
out February 21 on Dromedary Records
Never underestimate the placement of a musical saw. On “Like Anything,” it adds a hushed eeriness to a track about a guy with a secret crush, who is staring at the object of his affection while she sleeps. He’s not a pervert, he’s planning to reveal his secret by placing his open journals where she can find them upon waking. He’ll be in the bar waiting and hoping. The anxiety is palpable. Excellent songwriting and imagery from Capecelatro, who is a singer-songwriter out of New Hampshire. Looking forward to “North for the Winter.”

Support John French & The Bastilles Kickstarter

We wish to support John French & the Bastilles with their Kickstarter campaign. The Athens-based outfit is trying to raise $11,000 to record their next album, and they are more than halfway there. Throw’em a buck and make a dream a reality. Learn more here.

Check out: Infant Love from On the Face of It (2010)


Discover: Lethal Dialect

Lethal Dialect is an Irish hip hop artist out of Dublin. We’ve been getting a lot of hip hop lately, and this one stuck out. His thick brogue forces intent listening, and it pays off. The tracks have a great vibe and are driven by powerful lyrics. They’re dropping LD 50 Part II today via Workin Class Records. You can preview the single, Keep It Real, below in videos.

Check out: The LD50 Part 2 Preview

Check out: Metamorphese (from LD50)

Stream:  LD50 (part 1) on Bandcamp.

Consider these…

Joseph Arthur has released Redemption City, a double album that Arthur claims being 10 years in the making. It’s FREE on his website, where you can also order it on vinyl. Get it while you can.

Arundel – Oliver Caves EP
(aka Lucas Arundell) is out of Brisbane’s hot music scene. An electronic artist, he mixes audio with video imagery to complete his artistic vision. The tracks on this album show great depth and imagination. He’s offering the album free (pay what you like) on Bandcamp.

Download/Stream: Oliver Caves EP

SlowriterSlowriter EP
is Brian Taylor, who is based in Atlanta. His EP is full of hook-ladened psychedelic pop that’s ripe and refreshing. He recorded the album as a solo project, but he’s recruited a full band to bring the songs out live. This is a recording I wished I heard when it was released last year. You can pay what you want for it on Bandcamp.

Download/Stream – Slowriter EP


Videos, videos, videos…

Arundel – A Deep Freeze (Feat. Simon Crossley & Kate Jacobson)

Joseph Arthur – Travels As Equals (On Letterman 01.19.12)

Nat Baldwin – Weights

Lethal Dialect – Keep It Real

Jonathan Wilson – Desert Raven (highly recommended)



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