FRIDAY FREE FEATURE!!!: Free Swim – “Dennis”

Paul Coltofeanu (aka Free Swim), the man who imagined life with an extra set of hands and the escapades of the first Panda to climb Everest, is back with Dennis. The story is more conventional this time. Two buds are alienated by the presence of a woman, a new girlfriend to be precise. They’re having a blast playing tennis, drinking wine, pub crawling, hanging out, and then… Dennis finds love.

Dennis has a Kinks meets The Knack feel to it with the sensibility of Frank Zappa. It’s as fun as other recordings by Free Swim with lots of crunchy guitars and high energy. Coltofeanu has a knack for integrating comedy with very good rock compositions. As with past Free Swim recordings, it all works out well in the end. The unnamed, jilted friend gets a surprising reward for his devotion.

Like all Free Swim  recordings, it’s a freebie. You can download all three Free Swim EPs here. Coltofeanu also leads the band, Android Angel. You can grab their recordings here.

Spend your Friday afternoon with Dennis. Lots of fun, plus it has one of the all time great song titles (The Smell of Pregnancy).

Check out:

Track 1: Dennis

Track 2: Croydon Fernandes

 Track 3: The Smell of Pregnancy

Track 4: Cycling Holidays in the Ardeche

Happy Friday! 


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