Discover: Radio for the Daydreamers

From Pittsburgh, PA comes Radio for the Daydreamers – an experimental rock band offering an amalgamation of avant garde jazz, classical music, black metal, & electronic music and striving for soundscapes that convey suspense, horror, & thrills.  Their current project is a conceptual triptych of musical compositions revolving around a Faustian character (i.e. one that sells his soul to the devil for power and knowledge).  The first in the installment is ‘Mother Superior and Her Fields of Migraine’, which the band claims

tells the story of our character indulging in misery, self-realization, seclusion, developing phobias, anxieties and a need to break out to help his own mind. Accepting negativities, even though it is clear that the consequences of those negativities would be grim. To accept evil just to get some purpose. This section of the story takes place in a single room. We hope the music is picturesque enough for you to immerse yourselves into this story.

The album is mostly instrumental, so you’re free to ascribe whatever meaning you choose.

The excellent track ‘Curl Up, Time to Die’ was included as the opener on Thedadada Winter Mix 2011-12.  Also:

Check Out: Freelance Dream Killing Machine (gunpoint dub mix) [mp3]

Check Out: Wasted Faces in Secret Places (behind this wall acoustic version) [mp3]

Download($5)/Stream: Mother Superior and Her Fields of Migraine


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