The New 01.17.12

Porcelain Raft Put Me to Sleep [mp3]

Porcelain Raft – Unless You Speak from Your Heart [mp3]

(each from Porcelain RaftStrange Weekend, out Jan 24 on Secretly Canadian Records)
An eagerly anticipated debut album of elegant electo-pop from Italian Mauro Remiddi.  Bursting with snyth, drums, and Remiddi’s androgynous vocals, these songs suggest the visual dreamscape of Remiddi’s journeyman musical past.

Lee Renaldo Off_the_Wall [mp3] (from Between the Times & the Tides, out Mar 20 on Matador Records)
A little pop ditty from Sonic Youth stalwart – kinda reminiscent of “Wish Fulfillment” off of Dirty.

Mind Spiders – Wait For Us [mp3] (from Meltdown, out Feb 21 on Dirtnap Records)
Denton, TX’s Mind Spiders made a really fun album in 2011.  The new album is more of a team effort with Mark Ryan being joined by members of Bad Sports, Marked Men, and two simultaneous drummers!

Shearwater – Breaking the Yearlings [mp3] (from Animal Joy, out Feb 14 on Sub Pop Records)
Early reports suggest that the new Shearwater album is less grandiose and expansive than the previous trilogy of “Island Arc” albums ( Palo Santo, Rook and The Golden Archipelago).  The first single ‘Breaking the Yearlings’ is a forceful, confident, yet understated – not your typical indie rock.

Tanlines – Brothers [mp3] (from Mixed Emotions, out Mar 20 on True Panther Audio Warfare)
Jesse Cohen (formerly of Professor Murder) and Eric Emm (previously with Don Caballero and Storm and Stress) comprise this Brooklyn-based electronic duo that specializes in sunny, rhythmic electro-pop with lazy lyrical delivery.

Pontiak – Lions of Least [mp3] (from Echo Ono, out Feb 21 on Thrill Jockey Records)
Heavy psychedelic rock from the rural compound of three Virginia brothers.

Digital Leather – Young Doctors In Love [mp3] (from Modern Problems, out Feb 14 on FDH Records)
Invigorating synth punk in the vein of Wavvves!

Sleigh Bells – Comeback Kid (from Reign of Terror, out Feb 21 on Mom & Pop Records)

Sleigh Bells – Born to Lose (from Reign of Terror, out Feb 21 on Mom & Pop Records)


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