Discover: Halina Larsson

Photo: Charlotte Waltes

Fires & French Horns is the second solo EP from Halina Larsson. Having spent time in the punk band, Chick Habit, and backing vocalist for Coheed and Cambria, Ms. Larsson is ready to break out and away from the past.

On Fires & French Horns, the Brooklyn-based artist offers an alternative to the jazz club chanteuse with her fantastic range. She can sing you to sleep with delicate, sweet-sounding vocals or smack you in the face with surprising soulfulness. All of this occurs within arrangements steeped in nu-folk, jazz, and indie pop. Highlights include Puget Sounds, Story of A Ghost, and Midnight.

We’re featuring the title track with remixes by Swedish electronic artists: NIVA, Alf Tumble and Kissey.

Fires & French Horns

Fires & French Horns (Kissey Remix)

Fires & French Horns (Alf Tumble Remix)

Fires & French Horns (NIVA Remix)

Preview and purchase Fires & French Horns on Bandcamp:



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