A SATURDAY SPECIAL FREE FEATURE (our first): Wild Ghosts – “No Coast”

Ok, so we dropped the ball this week and forgot a Friday post. Chalk it up to a busy time in our real jobs. To make up for it, we’ll pepper Saturday with multiple free feature posts. The first is from Wild Ghosts.

One has to wonder if No Coast is a description of the band’s home base, Minneapolis. The surf-inspired rock of this quartet comes at you in lo-fi form. You’d swear that they recorded this thing inside a cathedral or a tiled room. The sound bounces around to where high pitches resonate forever while the bass bottoms out in sad drone. There’s a bit of a wild streak in this band too, like Paul Westerberg fronting Real Estate. It works, and this is a fun, free pick up.

Check out: Insanitizer

Download/Stream: No Coast



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