Thedadada Winter Mix 2011-12

A hibernation mix for your winter blues:

—–Click here to download the entire gapless mix of mp3s—–
—–Click here for an alternate link to the entire gapless mix—

Radio for the Daydreamer – 01 Curl Up, Time to Die
—–(from Mother Superior and Her Fields of Migraine)
The Black Heart Procession – 02 Blank Page
—–(from Blood Bunny/Black Rabbit)
Matthew Dear – 03 Headcage (from Headcage EP)
Work Drugs – 04 Flying Zambo (from Aurora Lies)
Fuyuko’s Fables – 05 Coffee-Shaped Treat (from Fuyuko’s Fables )
Blessed Feathers – 06 Winter Sister
—–(from From the Mouths of the Middle Class)
Bowerbirds – 07 Tuck the Darkness In (from The Clearing)
Islands – 08 This Is Not a Song (from Asleep & A Forgetting)
Vandaveer – 09 The Great Grey (from Dig Down Deep)
Love Scenes – 10 Insomnia (from Classy Excuse for a Trashy Experience)
Kurt Vile – 11 The Creature (from So Outta Reach EP)
Ancient History – 12 Eskimo (from Tracks)
The Skeleton Dead – 13 Another Night in the Surgery
—–(from The Skeleton Dead)
Sharon Van Etten – 14 Serpents (from Tramp)
Inspired & the Sleep – 15 Running (from Teenager)
Br’er – 16 City of Ice (from City of Ice)
Femme Fatality – 17 Tulsa (from That’s It, That’s It)
Leaves of Green – 18 Convictions, Pt. 2 (from Imago)
The Morning Clouds – 19 Ends (from Wasted Youth Blues EP)
White Denim – 20 No Real Reason (from Takes Place in Your Work Space)


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