The New 1.10.12

The first batch of ‘new’ for the New Year:

Of Montreal – Dour Percentage [mp3] (from Paralytic Stalks, out Feb 7)

New Hands – This I’ve Heard [mp3] (from the free single This I’ve Heard, out now)

Andrew Judah – Dog [mp3] (from Albino Black Bear, out now)

Inspired & the Sleep – Running [mp3] (from Teenager, out now)

Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies – July [mp3] (from The Flood, out now)

Conveyor Mukraker [mp3] (from Conveyor/Illuminator 7”, out now)

Cursive – The Sun and Moon [mp3] (from I Am Gemini, out Feb 21)

Guards – Do It Again [mp3] (from Guards EP, out now)

I, Colossus – The Ocean [wav] (from One, out now)




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