Discover: Tim Fitz

Tim Fitz is a multi-instrumentalist one-man-band out of Sydney. Earlier this year, he released the promising experimental EP, Infinite Space. A DIY-bedroom recording, it clearly demonstrated that Fitz has amazing chops.

Now, a few months later and he’s released the Beforetime EP. It’s far more polished and accessible. Check out the beautifully convergent rhythms on the track, The Line.

The Line [mp3]

The one minute mark in The Line is something special. Fitz blows out fuzzed guitars over industrial beats before returning to the polyrhythmic convergence of drum beats, piano keys and guitar chords.

Fitz also experiments with Jazz (Hold Back A Second), Power Pop (Fancy), Instrumentals (Beforetime), and Indie Pop (Ribs). The closer, Live Like It’s A Free Giveaway hinges on subtle elements from each, while making excellent use of a slide guitar and the piano.

If Beforetime is a bedroom recording, you would not know it. Fitz tries hard to stretch his abilities, yet one gets the sense that this is just an excellent warm up for something bigger in the future. Let’s hope so.

You can pay what you want by following the Bandcamp links below.

Download/Stream: Beforetime EP [Bandcamp]

Download/Stream: Infinite Space EP



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