Guerre – Darker My Love

Guerre (aka Lavum Lee) uses terms like neo-soul and ghost beats to describe his music. It’s an easy and very accurate way to capture the essence of the tracks found on his Yes Please debut EP, Darker My Love. The Sydney-based recording artist sings softly and soulfully over beautiful ambient tones and chilly beats. It’s mesmerizing.

GuerreCare 4 Me

While some buzz exists on the blogosphere, one would expect more in this age where Bon Iver, James Blake and SBTRKT are the flavors of the year.  On Darker My Love, Guerre proves to be just as good, and in some instances, better and more worthy of praise garnered by Messrs. Vernon, Blake, and Jerome.

Check out:

See the Birds [stream]

River Hymnal [mp3]

This is a great pick up, one of my favorite EPs of the year. You can pay what you want for Darker My Love. Yes Please is also offering a series of remixes from Darker My Love for free. Download each below.

Guerre – Darker My Love

Guerre – Darker My Love: Remixes



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