Yesterday, Eric & Magill (aka Eric Osterman and Ryan Weber) released the first of a series of cover EPs comprised of music from artists who collaborated on their critically praised 2010 release, All Those I Know. They explain that the album is meant as a “Thank You” and tribute to these artists.

Volume 1 contains Maps by The Snake The Cross The CrownWe’ve Lost Our Touch by Noon Duet,  Fields by Via TaniaBaggage Claim by Faux Fir, and Whipping Boy by Shearwater.

Check out: Whipping Boy [mp3]

Eric & Magill aren’t afraid to put their spin on these covers. The familiar lush atmosphere and fuzzed reverb on vocals are back, and as Whipping Boy demonstrates, they can get a bit psychedelic.

Download/Stream: Eric & Magill – Kick the Covers Vol. 1

You can still pick up All Those I Know free from Bandcamp. This is a highly recommended move.

Download/Stream: Eric & Magill – All Those I Know

Happy Friday, y’all! 


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