FRIDAY FREE FEATURE: Ancient History – Tracks

“She gave you the keys to unlock the door, but only while she was away” laments Donald Ducote on the opening track for Ancient History’s Tracks.  While ‘She Gave You the Keys’ is a slow, plaintive, Will-Shef-esque introduction, the bulk of the album is ornate, atmospheric, and sufficiently murky and dour to suggest The Black Heart Procession – albeit without the strident, childlike vocals of Pall Jenkins.  Ducote’s voice fits the tracks quite well, as his wispy tenor glides seamlessly among the acoustic & electric guitars, piano, and sythns.  In addition to the songs below, outstanding tracks on Tracks (not to be missed) include ‘Hands are for Holding Drinks’ and ‘Oh Yeah’ – each of which are aching reminiscences of past love, the playful ‘Subway Dream’, and the schizophrenic ‘Eskimo’.

Check Out: At The Rose Hotel [mp3]

Check Out: Four-Leafed [mp3]

Stream/download: Tracks


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