The New 12.06.11

Bowerbirds– Tuck the Darkness In [mp3] (from The Clearing, out Mar 6th)
Bleakly elegant track from Raleigh, NC band

The New Tigers – Toffee [m4a] (outtake from self-titled debut album on Soliti Records)
Crunchy guitars propel this psychedelic pop track from Finnish band

The New Tigers:

Sick Friend – The Draft Dodger [mp3] (from The Draft Dodger, out Feb 14thCrash Avenue Media)
“Canadian erraticism”

Hysterical Injury – Maths [mp3] (from Dead Wolf Situation, out Feb 6th on Crystal Fuzz Records)
Welsh brother-sister duo make poppy punk rock driven by pounding toms and bossy female vocals

Hysterical Injury:

Femme FatalityTulsa [mp3] (from That’s It, That’s It EP, out now on Stickfigure Recordings)
An “unearthly dirge” is the final track from EP released over the summer.

VSP – Parrot Song [mp3] (from The Ultimate Collection, Vol 1, out now)
Another band from Turku, Finland, these guys play Nump (New Humppa) – an updated from of traditional Finnish music; it’s kid friendly.

Seventeen Evergreen – Angels [mp3] (from Psyentist, out Dec 6th on Pacific Radio Fire)
psychedelic electronica from the bay area

Bunny Ultramod – This Is Hollywood [mp3] (from This Is Hollywood, out Jan 16th)
Titletrack from the autobiographical solo album by the lead singer of the Ultramods.

Bunny Ultramod:

Magnus Reimer – 
I’ll Rise With No Other [mp3] (from I’ll Rise With No Other EP; full length forthcoming)
Acoustic/electric piano, analog synth, programming, and vocals from Swedish solo musician

Magnus Reimer:

Wussy – Two tracks from Strawberry (out now on Shake It Records)
Old school weirdness from former front man of Ass Ponys – Cincinnati rocks it!

Plants and Animals – Lightshow (from The End of That, out Feb 28th)

Guided by Voices –Doughnut for a Snowman (from Let’s Go Eat the Factory, out Jan 17th)


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