Discover: LoOmis

Experimental analog recording artist Patrick Bailey works under the name LoOmis. The music of LoOmis bears the hallmarks of DIY experimental bedroom composition – regimented drum beats, looping guitars and synths, layers of sounds, and solitary vision.  But, drawing inspiration from 80s prog rock and 90s experimental & post rock, LoOmis takes familiar sounds and renders them anew within a pastiche of electronic, down tempo, and lo-fi styles.  Bailey’s guitar work employs Robert Fripp-style (King Crimson) atonal arpeggios (Check Out ‘Xanax Box’ and ‘When They Growl, They Mean It’) that attain comforting and sometimes strange resonance amongst the otherwise lo fi atmospherics of LoOmis.  After sitting with the January 2011 LP release A Solitary Attraction for some months, I now see Bailey has released another EP (Vellocet) and has another EP (Melt Away) forthcoming – guy is pretty prolific.

Check Out: When They Growl, They Mean It [mp3] (from A Solitary Attraction)

Stream/Download (name your price): A Solitary Attraction

Check Out: War Elephants [mp3] (from Vellocet)

Stream/Download (name your price): Vellocet EP

Stream/Download (free): Two songs from Forthcoming Melt Away EP


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