The New 11.29.11

Sonic Avenues – Television Youth [mp3] (from Television Youth, Dirtnap Records, out Jan 15)

Sonic Avenues:

Joakim Fritzner – Thoughts on Us 23-3 [mp3] (from It’s Not Me EP, Lovely Records/Birds Will Sing For You, out now – vinyl Jan 20)

Kurt von Stetten – Codify [mp3] (from Cyclops, out Dec 13)

Laura Gibson – La Grande [mp3] (from La Grande, out Jan 17)

Silverclub – No Application [mp3] (from No Application EP, out now)

Tycho – Dive [mp3] and Hours [mp3] (from Dive, out now)


Brett Netson – God is Wrong [mp3] (from Simple Work for the Dead, out now)

The Mommyheads – The Saddest Place on Earth [mp3] (from Delicate Friction, out now)

Br’er – ‘City of Ice’  (from City of Ice, out now)

Fol Chen – ‘So Good’ (single composed for the Tetrafol devise)


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