Elliott Smith resurfaces with “Misery Let Me Down”

It’s amazing how posthumous releases and “finds” capture the imagination of fans. I have to admit falling prey to this type of fascination.

Yesterday, The Washington Post printed an on-line story about a lost track from Elliott Smith. It turns out that Smith was caught performing an unreleased track titled, Misery Let Me Down. It was a warm up for a performance on WMUC-the college radio station for the University of Maryland. While not earth shattering, it’s worth checking out:

Misery Let Me Down [stream]

New tracks and bootlegs seem to follow Smith. Since his death in October 2003, there have been two recordings released (From a Basement on a Hill and New Moon), as well as a compilation (An Introduction to… Elliott Smith). Apparently there are over a hundred unreleased recordings out there too. Clearly, Smith has not left the thoughts of his devoted fans. He’s that Gen-X artist that big media forgets, but we’ll always remember.

Rawkblog does an annual remembrance of Smith each year, and hosts a treasure trove of bootlegs, reviews on posthumous recordings, and sundry news related to Smith. Here is a tagged archive of Elliott Smith from Rawkblog.

“Lucky Three” video

Whilst scoping ye ole Twitter feed, this gem of a short film caught my eye. Lucky Three was recorded October 17-20, 1996 in Portland, OR, and released in 1997. On it, Smith performs Between the Bars, a cover of Big Star‘s Thirteen, and Angeles. According to the YouTube site, this short was made available on Kill Rock Stars’ video fanzine #1 release in 1999. It was shot by Jem Cohen.

Elliott Smith – Lucky Three



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