Monsoon Monday

You can find rain, wind, dirt, and debris in this edition of Rain from the Cloud. New stuff from Yellow Ostrich, of Montreal, Telekinesis, Niteflights, and Imperial Teen. So what are you waitin’ for?

Imperial TeenRunaway from Feel the Sound
out January 31 2012 on Merge Records
Notes: Bouncy indie pop that will have you singing the chorus all day.

NiteflightsParis 1919 (John Cale cover) new single
Notes: Not quite as serious as Cale, and it’s a bit quirky in the vein of Sgt. Pepper’s. However, the Niteflights do a solid job of making the arrangement fresh and appealing.

Of Montreal Wintered Debts from Paralytic Stalks
out some time soon…presumably on Polyvinyl
Notes: Wow! This track meanders about, exploring every little nook and crevice along the way. Let’s hope it’s the harbinger for an epic LP in the making.

[download here]

TelekinesisPlease Ask For Help from 12 Desperate Straight Lines
out now on Merge Records
Notes: Michael Lerner knows how to make a good alt. pop track. Full of ebullience, it’s driven by a strong rhythm section and a constant ringing guitar familiar to Cure fans. The album was released back in February, so it’s funny to see this available to stream now.

Yellow Ostrich‘Til I Disappear
Notes: Alex Schaaf opens up the old arsenal on this track which was re-recorded with a full-band (previously appeared on the Wild Comfort LP). It has a lot of edge with a killer guitar solo/jag. Excellent work. It’s fun to see what Barsuk is doing with Schaaf, and even better to read tweets about how much fun he had on tour this year.

[download here]



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